The Australian Real Estate Blockchain

Real Estate Blockchain

Real Estate Blockchain

The real estate & property industry has led and endured both disruptive and long-lasting traditional technologies. Currently, the industry as a whole is experiencing a tremendous shift, disrupting more than just delivery of property to consumers.

Blockchain has proved itself as a viable option for the property sector, whereby companies are creating ad-hoc and in some cases, unproven and highly imagine solutions.

AREBA aims to provide trust & stability across an industry owned and operated real estate blockchain solution, where advocacy and strategic direction are joined.


The Blockchain is an immutable digital ledger, consisting of a continuously growing list of records, known as “blocks”, which are linked and secured to each other using a cryptography.

At a minimum, each “block” contains 3 main items that form the blockchain block. These are a cryptographic link called a hash pointer, a time stamp to identify the blocks entry and the relevant transaction data.

Due to blockchains cryptographic nature, they are inherently resistant to modification, known as being immutable to historic and current changes.